FS Adventures offers the greatest adventure motorcycles from BMW to help you realise your dream. Get a taste of BMW’s latest model today by joining our test ride.

Mankind is at its finest when quenching their thirst for adventure on a bike.

High-tech performance

Improved features for a smooth off-road ride

Fast and lightweight 

Ride Like the Wind

Experience German innovation with the F 850 GS, which offers fresh external upgrades and a lighter weight for a smooth ride for a half or whole day. Its striking appearance and robust components promises an incredible adventure beyond the horizon.

  • This four-gallon fuel capacity ride features a 21-inch front tyre that helps to tackle the on/off-road track.
  • Performs twice as well as it should off-road with mid-sized CC, 90 horsepower and 63 ft/lbs of torque that is capable of traveling at 22.00km/l.
  • Improved wheel load distribution and durable wheels assisted by cutting-edge technology.
  • Allows for bluetooth access to your phone and activation via the multi-controller, 6.5-inch TFT display that is clear and succinct, making it easy to view in a range of lighting circumstances.
  • Optimal design with a longer length of 90.8 inches, a width of 36.6 inches, seat height ranging from 32.1 inches to 35 inches, and just the right degree of bend over the handlebars to minimise cramping for a comfortable ride.