FS Adventures offers the greatest adventure motorcycles from BMW to help you realise your dream. Try out the performance of the R 1250 GS first hand.

One must be curious, brave, and always be ready to hit the road to build their character and achieve the ultimate success in life.

Bold and durable in any weather

Smart components and safety systems

Comfortable for a long ride

Gear Up!

There’s no replacement for displacement. In terms of specifications, the R 1250 GS outperforms most of the previous GS models. Its 1,254 cc engine and 136 horsepower allows it to go almost smoothly on any route, not to mention how well it performs on longer journeys. Choose to try the bike for a half-day or one day.

  • An exclusive appearance highlighted by brilliant features, offering maximum visibility.
  • Major features of the bike include electric start, anti-lock braking, hill-start control, dynamic brake control, keyless ride and many others.
  • Fits with ShiftCam technology to improve rideability while cutting fuel consumption and emissions.
  • The enormous fuel tank comes with a 20-litre capacity, ensuring a long and smooth expedition with no stops.